gReAt SeA oF ~hApPiNeSs~


☆birthdate: 09-01

☆birthplace: germland

☆living in: berlin

☆likes: music, art, drama, writing, drawing, japan, korea...

☆dislikes: liars, cigarettes, beans, being unemployed,...

☆fav men: key, yuuya, die, yusuke,...

☆fav women: juri, amber...

☆fav music: shinee, cali gari, sid, deadman, dir en grey, lab, goatbed, jaurim, nell, soutaiseiriron, matryoshka, mot, the koxx, glen check...

☆fav food: pancakes w/applesauce, melon, strawberry, sushi, yakisoba, curry, cream stew, いろいろいっぱいスープ, yatsuhashi...

☆fav human: ♥A-◯◯chen♥

☠i'm open for everything. but please comment in my friends only-post if you want to be added.☠
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